We have all heard the rumour about the impeachment threat made by the senators against the president right? The question is; a PDP lead senate wants to remove a PDP lead executive, the reason given is that the president has been committing impeachable errors. Yet the same PDP wants to ‘intervene’ in order to save the president… in other words; let him continue to goof, even though we know he is doing ‘bad’ job. check out for more information about this issue



I wonder why bosses can not just see that employees are a big contributor to the bottom line! check out government on the average level in Nigeria, they always contribute 100% attention to their jobs! only that attention is divided over a four year period and in other cases eight years! feel free to drop your comments…

expensive secretary


The news hit me like a tidal wave! I was dumb struck, why in the world did the governor do that? Appoint a first lady as a permanent secretary! Did he think that the people wont ask questions or raise objections? and did the lady not realize accepting the appointment would tarnish her image? check here for more info;



I read the news about the NYSC stance on posting corps members to the troubled states in the north and I was annoyed to say the least, despite the state of chaos that reigns in those parts of the country the federal government still insists on sending corps members to those places. Soldiers and mobile police men can not even “survive” there, not to mention defenceless kids out of the university. Kids that are not even guaranteed jobs and decent incomes in the future. I guess its with this same mindset that the federal government wants to attract foreign direct investment into the chaotic economy of Nigeria. You can read more about the NYSC posting here;

ITS SO SAD click here to enlarge


Its so sad, I had a hard time trying to picture what occurred in Jos and to the late army general in Lagos. The few people I spoke with said the Berger long bridge just before getting to Lagos harbours very notorious sets of Nomads and they have always attacked unsuspecting people. I guess its high time the authorities move in on them, back to the Jos murders, there is still no meaning or impact other than resentment and anger that the attackers have generated. What’s their motive? What’s the aim? why kill to make a statement? I can go on and on. I appeal to the authorities to curb the violence. you can check for more on the Jos murders. your comments are welcome.