ITS SO SAD click here to enlarge


Its so sad, I had a hard time trying to picture what occurred in Jos and to the late army general in Lagos. The few people I spoke with said the Berger long bridge just before getting to Lagos harbours very notorious sets of Nomads and they have always attacked unsuspecting people. I guess its high time the authorities move in on them, back to the Jos murders, there is still no meaning or impact other than resentment and anger that the attackers have generated. What’s their motive? What’s the aim? why kill to make a statement? I can go on and on. I appeal to the authorities to curb the violence. you can check for more on the Jos murders. your comments are welcome.


One thought on “ITS SO SAD click here to enlarge

  1. Very sad issue I agree, and something needs to be done and fast.

    Its a great thing you’ve got going on here, keep it up cos I will not be reading the newspapers again o!

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