We have all heard the news and probably now understand why our police officers behave the way they do; they are being trained in the harshest of conditions. The unexpected visit of the president to the police college at Ikeja on his way to an ECOWAS meeting brought the story to lime light. Apparently Channels TV did a documentary highlighting the rot in that academy (and I can tell you the pictures are terrible) in his usual self the president dismissed the documentary as a smear campaign to rubbish his governments image. see;
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The airline that crashed and won

I was speaking with a couple of my friends two days ago. One of them wanted to travel down to Abuja. Another of our friends jokedĀ  suggesting he take the airline that just got its license back, he told us the airline also won the “airline of the year award” and I was astonished! Here is an airline that had a major accident killing everyone on board one of its planes and many more on land. The airline did not only get its license back before investigations are concluded into its accident it also won the airline of the year, even our Naija celebrities flew on board its maiden flight. What sense is that. Right under the nose of the aviation minister. Sad.


Hello people, its been too long since I came your way, the vicissitudes of life has kept me from ‘working’ here. While I still have my challenges I figure; what the heck, that’s what life is about anyway, so I am back here! I am sure that you all heard the series of news about the helicopter crash, the car accidents and the absent governors. its sad, some of the countries best brains were lost in those unfortunate incidences! Most of these tragedies could have been avoided if our infrastructure is in better shape. I just hope the government wakes up to its responsibilities because many more people die as a result of our terrible infrastructure and the deaths go unreported!


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